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WHRDE Zonal are to help enhance multi-level skill sets, promote effective career development, and built the spirit of entrepreneurship that eventually supplement the scope of scalable employability with potential collaborators.Cdat skill school is the principal affiliate of whrde,and has been providing all sector courses services based educational training projects.
WHRDE(World Human Resources Devolopment Education) is an autonomous body, which is recognized and registered NGO under Government of India for Human Resource Development.    WHRDE is an esteemed organization for a spectacular development in bringing up Technical & IT industry in the country with its significant contribution in Hardware, Software, Application Development, Research Program, Project Guidance, Marketing, Technical and Computer Education, Self-Education in Self-employment Scheme, Literacy and Teachers Training all over the country at all social level and mobilize people to participate actively in the development program of the Government.Legality, validity, utility of the courses are strict conformity with the constitution of India and Law of the land under Central Government act articles 14,15, 19(1)g ,21A, 29,30,45, 46,51A(1),301.WHRDE is Providing Best Classes with Practicals through its Authorized Training Centers / Skill development or Testing centers and Industries collaborative programmes as a Promoting Agency of Science ,Technical ,Computer Programmes & Skill Development .WHRDE is Academic Collaborated to Singhania University recognized by UGC       

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