WHRDE EXAMINATION (18/4/2022) Paper -Principles of Education(COMMON FOR DMED, PGDMED ,DPPT COURSES)






1) ____________ is man’s best friend.

2)______________ meaning of education means to earn a certificate or promotion

3)__________________ is the development of individual according to his needs and demands of society of which he is an integral part

Education is a _____________ process

5) The __________ can only be developed through some activities

6) Cultivation of __________________ is one of the major purposes of education.

7) The role of education is that of giving ___________ to their activities.

8) ____________ is a basic intellectual skill that is associated with modern schooling

Development of intellectual facilities is based on the development of

10) ______________ is a major ingredient in a perfect character.

11) _________________   of a teacher is important

12) Exceptional children need __________________.

13) Dyslexia is the specific difficulties in learning to _____________

14) The _____ play an important role in the

15) __________ skills influence interactions and relationships a teacher could develop with the Principle, students  staff and occasionally with the community

16)______ is a process which results in a more or less permanent modification of behavior as a result of practice or experience

17) __________ means learner is in direct contact with the instructor.

18) The Greek word auto means __________

19) The traditional Indian system of teaching  and learning was based on ________ steps

20) _____________ is  also the time to let children themselves realize and express their areas of interest

21) _______________ autonomy is developed through observation, reflection, thoughtful consideration ,understanding experience and evaluation of alternatives.

22) The vision of an _________________ person in a society, depends on its nature as well as on its social, political and economic goals

23) __________________________ has to continuously strive to know things by adopting a variety of methods

24) Learning disability is a mixed group of _________________

25)   _____________ is a learning disability

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