WHRDE EXAMINATION -Paper-Pre-Primary Teaching Philosophy & Organization (DPPT)






1. Young children’s needs are ______________

2. _______________________ is not a day care

3. High quality early childhood programs teach children to think ________________

4. The classrooms are planned to encourage __________.

5. Play based learning helps children to develop _______________

6. Play is not _______________

7. Children develop socially and _______________ through play.

8. When children plays, they use their _______________.

9. Children learn well when they are _________________ active.

10. ________________ always implies absence of real thing.

11. For most children ________________ begins as a way of representing the world on papers.

12. Mind requires and encourages __________________ to human psychology and feeling.

13. The challenges of _______________ and composing in turn make the idea of a dictionary
both possible and necessity.

14. The main purpose of preprimary education is to prepared children physically, emotionally,
socially and mentally for ____________________.

15. ________ has no standardized curriculum.

16. _________________ designed for deferring ages.

17. The greatest threat to the pre-schools sector is the lack of ____________ and certified

18. Well trained curriculum would cover __________ key aspect of education.

19. _____________ is an element of play based learning.

20. ______________________________development is a child’s growing ability to use their
intellect to process information.

21. Children build muscle mass and coordination through their _____________ activities.

22. Play based program means indoor and ___________ play.

23. _________________ is a benefit of play based learning

24. In early childhood education, children need to develop ___________.

25. Play is the most effective way to promote ___________ skills.

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