WHRDE EXMINATION 19/04/2022 Healthand Hygiene (DMED,PGDEMD)






1)____________ is defined as physical, mental and social well being, and as a resource for living  a full life.

2) Physical and _____________health are linked

3) Mental and ____________ health helps a person to maintain an even temper and happy disposition

4) The main principles of health are a healthy diet, exercise, work, rest and _______________

5) Human ____________ is the study of the structure of human body

6) Human body is made of ____ system

7) Lymph vessels are included in  __________ system

8) Health of a person depends on food and ___________.

9) ____________ is a nutritional stage of a body.

10) ________ is a main factor for body growth

11) Fruits and nuts come under __________ food.

12) ______________ causes diseases

13) Four principles of  ________________ are cleaning, chilling, cooking and cross contamination

14) ______________ is the major carrier of infection.

15) ________ is a common disease among children

16) ________________ hygiene is  very important  for  both health and social  reasons.

17) ____________ food need to be avoided.

18) ________________ is a symptom of bites and stings.

19) First aid kit contains __________.

20) _______ is the most basic tool in preventive health care.

21) Vaccination is one of the technique of  ________.

22) Specialized medical care for children is called ____________________.

23) Palliative care started in India in the mid ____.

24) ___________ is the one of the most popular and impactful way to help environment.

25) ____________ is a serious environmental issue

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