Paper-School Management and Social Relationship(PGDMED)






1. Management is an ______________

2. Educational Management is concerned with ________________

3. There are ______ types of supervision.

4. ______________ is an interaction between at least two persons for the improvement
of an activity

5. Supervision is provided by a ____________ member of a profession

6. ______________ is one of the basic principle for an effective supervision.

7. Modern supervision should be ______________

8. _________ is the one of the stage of clinical supervision

9. _________________ is managing affairs of a school

10.School Management should be __________

11.One of the element of school Organization is __________________

12.A successful school administration is based on successful ___________

13.____________ is the key or central power of a school

14.________________ is very much important in life.

15. Teachers are included in ________________ resource.

16.Vision is of _____________ types.

17.In SWOT, O stands for _______________

18._____________ are responsible for managing student and classroom learning

19.____________________ is the futuristic and directional statement of purpose of an

20.The four realms of classroom management are material, events, ______________
and people.

21.SWOT has ___________steps.

22._______________ helps for the time management and smooth going of the school
classroom process.

23.The objective of ___________ is to promote the all-round welfare of the students.

24.Techniques of supervisions are classified as Group techniques and
_____________________ techniques.

25._____________ is a group technique of supervision.

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